Encyclopédie de la parole is a collective, interdisciplinary project that aims to understand the diversity of oral forms of language.

Since September 2007, Encyclopédie de la parole has been collecting various recordings and indexing them according to specific phenomena that make up how people speak: chorality, compression, melody, overemphasis, pacing, repetition, residue, saturation, spacing, timbre, etc. The Encyclopédie has dedicated an entry to each of these phenomena, all of which contain an explanatory notice and a set of audio examples.

Encyclopédie de la parole makes use of these recordings to produce works of sound art, shows, performances, conferences, installations, and a game, which are presented during public openings.

The project is led by a collective of poets, actors, visual artists, ethnographers, musicians, curators, directors, choreographers, and radio show producers.

Its motto is: “We are all experts in speaking.”