Chorale is a short performance made up of seven or eight documents from the Encyclopedia of Speech’s collection performed in choir by a group. Chorale can be performed in different countries and languages, its repertory and performers changing with latitudes, customs, and seasons. Chorale is directed by Nicolas Rollet and staged by Joris Lacoste.

’ Created by: Encyclopédie de la parole
‘ Composition and staging: Joris Lacoste
‘ Musical direction: Nicolas Rollet
‘ Staging assistant: Elise Simonet
‘ Performance (Japanese version) : Ayumi Awayaga, Shoko Fujimatsu, Taichi Ichimatsu, Emika Kuroki, Kazuki Kushio, Minori Matsui, Haruka Saito, Lee Sojin, Ayako Terauchi Besson, Kozue Yokochi, Mana Yumii and Frédéric Danos.
‘ Length: 15 minutes