Parlement is a solo piece for an actress composed using the Encyclopédie de la parole’s collection of recordings. These recordings led to a particular form of theater writing that did not imply editing and composing texts, but rather sounds. By sending a hundred or so voices through a single body—that of Emmanuelle Lafon—Parlement produces a poetic and transformative discourse marked by the diversity of human speech. Created in 2009, Parlement is the first performance of Encyclopédie de la parole.


' Conception: Encyclopédie de la parole
' Composition and direction: Joris Lacoste
' Collaboration: Frédéric Danos et Grégory Castéra
' Cast: Emmanuelle Lafon
' Sound design: Kerwin Rolland et Andrea Agostini
' Length: 1h

' Production: Échelle 1:1
' Co-production : Fondation Cartier et Parc de La Villette (the first version of
Parlement has been produced by les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers en janvier 2009).
' Thanks to: TNT de Bordeaux et Performing Arts Forum.

' Created at: Soirées Nomades, Fondation Cartier, June 6th, 2009

Distribution and tours : Garance Roggero +33 6 89 44 77 77 -

Photo credit : Huma Rosentalski

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