no particular skill is required to participate in these workshops. They are open to all.

Collection workshop 1:
Following an introduction designed to help participants recognize and define different forms of speech, the collection workshop aims to create a collection of sounds: by collectively selecting, organizing, then assembling and composing a piece to be shown to the public.

Collection workshop 2:
In Marseille, Gothenburg, Bamako, or Buenos Aires… at home, school, work, on the subway, on the phone, in the media, at a show, in the street, at the gym… what are the different forms of speech that pass through me on a given day?
This workshop focuses on a given area by collecting singular forms of speech borne by a specific cultural and geographic context. Participants are invited to collect speech recordings from the host city and give voice to the diversity of vocal practices spoken within it. Participants then learn a selection of the collected documents in view of recreating them in a public performance.
This workshop is designed for exploring the singularities of oral speech in a specific local context.

Choral workshop:
Over the course of this workshop, led by two members of the Encyclopédie de la parole, participants are invited to learn the Encyclopédie’s transcription and recreation practices, and then to present a recital to the public. This workshop does not require any particular skill, except perhaps the desire to say as a group something one could just as well say alone.

Recomposition workshop:
Any speech is composed of that-which-is-said and how-it-is-being-said. The recomposition workshop invites participants to extract these two components from a selection of the collection’s documents in the aim of rearranging and performing them. Shipping forecasts are spoken like Jacques Chirac speeches, cooking recipes like sports commentary, and declarations of love are made with auction house inflections. This workshop could also involve imagining and performing what happens next in a given document.

Writing workshop:
This workshop involves moving backward, by creating a speech recording liable to be classified in one of the Encyclopedia’s entries. One of its nineteen entries is selected, and participants are invited to imagine and compose a document and an audio version before performing and recording it.