Research and collection of recorded speech, focused on a set occurrence. A dedicated collection is assembled following collective listening and selection sessions.

Transcription and recreation:
Recreation consists of reproducing speech recordings as closely as possible through a meticulous process of individual or collective listening. It is less concerned with imitating voices and more with “ways of speaking”: factors related to melody, rhythm, or address are focused upon, rather than closeness to the timbre of a voice. At the beginning of the process, a text is produced in the form of a transcription-score, gradually refining itself and allowing for participants to learn the audio recordings “pencil in hand.” Recreation takes shape through principles of unison, double unison, or solo performance.

Within the limited framework of a single entry (an occurrence) or the larger framework of the entire collection, documents are arranged together in forms ranging from a simple end-to-end list to more complex simultaneous processes and juxtapositions. A composition is designed to be broadcast (sound art) or recreated (performance).